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woman washing a mirror with whole naturals castile soap


Welcome to the Whole Naturals Collection!


Whole Naturals is about embracing healthier living from the inside out. We have created a variety of skin care products that are natural and safe.  We define natural as a combination of ingredients come directly from the Earth without chemicals or additives.

Using our family’s traditional experience and knowledge, we created our own natural skin care products. As a family-owned small business we work with farmers all over the world, careful to choose the highest quality, pure and natural plant-derived ingredients, conscientious of environmental impact.  To demonstrate transparency, we maintain a strict standard of testing by respected third-party organizations on all ingredients.


The Magic from the Mediterranean

Our Nature’s Gold Liquid Castile Soap is 2-3x more concentrated than regular soaps and cleansers. A versatile soap that you can safely use for your children, pets and your entire household. Our blend of healing oils has been chosen carefully from family farmers from the Mediterranean Region. Our family continues to use the Old-World traditions to produce our Nature’s Gold Liquid Castile Soap that you can trust for your skin and beyond.


At Whole Naturals, we believe in keeping yourself, your family, and the planet, clean, safe and healthy.

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