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We love the Benefits and the features of Castile soap!

Updated: Apr 19, 2023


Let’s talk Soap. Soaps are synthetic detergents formulated for a specific purpose. Think about how many different cleaning products you probably have at your home.

Want a streak-free shine? I’m guessing you have a blue-colored spray bottle!

Need clean clothes? Your liquid or powdered detergent are ready to tackle the job

What cleansers are in your bathroom? Shampoos, body soaps, not to mention toilet bowl, sink and floor cleaners!

What makes Castile Soap Unique?


Whole Naturals Castile Soap can replace dozes of other cleaners!! Not only is that economical, but with ONE bottle only will you save space, but you’re reducing waste and shrinking your ecological footprint!

Organic, Cruelty-free, Palm-oil free, vegan and non GMO!

Our Castile soap is made from USDA approved organic carrier oils – not from any animal sources.

Unscented and Gentle on the Skin

No dyes. No added fragrances. Safe for nearly every skin type!

Concentrated and customizable.

Our ½ gallon bottle goes a LOOOOOONG way! With an e-book full of recipes, you’ll be able to dilute your soap, add your favorite essential oils and use it from the shelf to the shower.

Skin Friendly.

Our special formula gently cleanses your skin, leaving it nourished and soothed. Gentle enough for baby soft skin.

Tips for Using Castile Soap

  1. Don’t mix Castile Soap with vinegar

  2. Always dilute Castile Soap (read our e-book to find your favorite dilution ratio)

  3. If you have hard water, or soft water, you may find that you’ll adjust the dilution amounts depending on the foaminess you desire.

  4. Adding essential oils is a great way to customize a scent!

Bring back the joy of cleaning! Castile Soap will replace nearly every other cleaner in your home!

Happy Soaping!

Good for the environment. Great for you!

Yohan & Alex

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