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Can you clean Carpets with Castile Soap?

clean carpet castile soap

My Dear Readers,

It's nearly summer vacation for my offspring, and that means more time at home, in front of screens, in the kitchen, out of the kitchen and let's face it - more mess. I see the greatest impact of our unstructured days on the floors throughout my home. Our bungalow has laminate in all bedrooms, ceramic tile in the kitchen and bathrooms and low-pile carpet in the den. With a variety of surfaces to tackle I ask myself: Should I approach the challenge using a product purchased for each task, with chemical names longer than my recent shopping receipt, plastered with warnings that would make me run for the hills? Or, will I grab the hero in my midst, my trusted and versatile companion, Castile Soap?

Whole Naturals is your all-natural, multi-tasking champion of the cleaning world. Made with organic vegetable oils and free of harsh chemicals and artificial scents, it's gentle enough for your most delicate surfaces (and curious toddlers who like to taste everything). I'd like to take this opportunity to share some cleaning strategies for all types of flooring around your home:


Polished Hardwood floors are truly beautiful, timeless, and can last a lifetime if taken care of well. With regular maintenance, Castile soap works perfectly

Simply mix a tablespoon of castile soap with a gallon of warm-hot water. Dampen your mop (not soaking!) clean. No need for harsh polishes or waxes – castile soap leaves a natural shine that'll make your floors swoon. Bonus tip: Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (lemon for freshness, anyone?) for a delightful olfactory experience. If you find that this combination leaves a residue, you can tweak the recipe by adding less soap. If you find that this soap leaves a residue, you can tweak the recipe by adding less soap.

Laminate Floors

I have a love-hate relationship with my laminate floors. On the one hand, they were super easy to install, the color never fades, and they are low-maintenance. On the other hand, I have to be wary of excess amounts of water when washing. Castile soap is your secret weapon here too. When I wash my laminate with Whole Naturals, I don't use a bucket and mop. Instead, I use a spray bottle with a mixture of equal parts water and castile soap. Lightly mist the floor (avoid soaking!). I take a microfiber cloth, wrapped around my squeegee, and wipe clean. Laminate hates excess moisture, so remember, less is always more.

Tiled Floor (Bathrooms, kitchens, basements and more!)

If my tiles could talk, they would say that they've seen it all! Muddy paw prints from the stray puppy, spilled spaghetti sauce from a recent food fight, you name it. Castile soap can handle the battlefield. I wash my kitchen floors nearly daily - and I use the same spray bottle solution as the laminate. For the "stuck-on-grime," I'll make a paste of Whole Naturals and baking soda, 10 minutes, and scrub with a soft brush. Rinse thoroughly, and your tiles will be gleaming like a knight's armor after a victorious battle.

Clean Carpet

Love it or hate it, we're stuck with our carpets. While we regularly vacuum, it seems that stains magically appear, which means that Castile Soap is our magic wand to make them disappear! For spot cleaning, I'll few drops of castile soap with some warm water. Dabbing the stain with a clean cloth, or even a brush, I'll tackle the stain for the outside in. Repeat with a clean, damp cloth to remove any soap residue. While we don't have a home-carpet cleaning machine, you can use a castile soap solution of 1Tbl Castile soap for every gallon of water. We suggest to check the manufacturer's instructions before using, but remember - a little goes a long way – too much soap can leave a residue and attract more dirt (not the friend you're looking for).

Are you ready to ditch the harsh chemicals and embrace the power of castile soap? Your floors will thank you (and maybe even throw a little sparkle party). After all, cleaning shouldn't be a chore – it can be an adventure with a happy ending (and a sparkling clean home).


Alex and Yohan Founders Whole Naturals Castile Soap

*Some additional suggestions:

We suggest that you spot test first (a couple of times) before applying any cleaning product to any surface! We’ve also learned, from some of our own trial and error, that’s important to talk to a floor expert about the best way to clean a particular floor (what kind of Ingredients/methods to avoid in particular), since there are so many different types of floor surfaces today.

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