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Flexibility and Resilience

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

The past two years have been fraught with stress, instability, and health challenges - but I know that's not news to anyone. Just before the global pandemic began, we had been working on the research, development, and launch of our new Whole Naturals Castile Soap.

If you've been followers of our blog, you will know that our journey to a plant-based lifestyle was gradual, and over time our commitment to creating skin-care products and cleansers that are vegan friendly has been our priority. But organic and vegan products are only part of the picture of our Castile Soap. Our promise was to create an amazingly versatile vegetable-based soap. In fact, being free of animal fats and synthetic ingredients is our priority.

What is Castile Soap?

Castile soap was made in the Mediterranean area before its use spread to North America, Europe, and surrounding areas. Getting its name from the Castile region of Spain, it is traditionally made from olive oil. The Whole Naturals Castile Soap is made from an organic blend of prickly pear, argan, jojoba, almond, and hemp oils. The essential oils give the soap its cleansing and lathering characteristics.

What's INTENTIONALLY missing from our list? Palm Oil. Our Castile Soap is proudly certified Palm Oil Free! Globally, palm oil is one of the most used oils. Attaching the Palm Oil Free Certification to our Castile Soap enables us to demonstrate our transparency and commitment to making the choice to protect rainforests and animals.

While lockdowns and travel restrictions may have delayed the launch of our Castile Soap, we are so proud to present our organic cleanser. We hope that you make an informed decision when choosing your skincare products and household cleansers! Chose our certified palm-oil-free Whole Naturals Castile Soap. Available exclusively through Amazon!


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