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Is Chocolate Vegan? The Deliciously Confusing Conundrum

is chocolate vegan

My Dear Readers,

I’ve shared with you about my journey to vegan living, and how it has enhanced our life. Somehow, our friends and family immediately associate a plant-based diet with a limited variety of choices. But it’s just not true! Just because we have made vegan menu choices, doesn’t mean that we have eliminated any joy from our diets. In fact, we eat heartily, and with gusto enjoying food of all varieties. Lately, we’ve been having fun with chocolate, that sweet, velvety temptress that's been melting hearts (and sometimes even belts) for centuries. Interestingly enough, we often get asked, "Is chocolate vegan?" This is a great question, and I’d love to share a bit about what we’ve learned about the chocolate-making process.

The Vegan Chocolate Lovers' Dilemma

As you may know, chocolate comes from cacao beans. And as with all plants, cacao is vegan. But just because chocolate is made from cacao, not all chocolate is vegan. Most DAIRY traditional chocolate bars contain milk, which is decidedly not vegan. So, milk chocolate is out. Sorry, Milky Way fans! But fear not, there's still hope in the dark side (pun absolutely intended).

Enter dark chocolate. Dark chocolate typically contains cocoa solids, cocoa butter, and sugar – no milk or dairy products. We have grown to love the richness and depth of taste that dark chocolate offers. We have even paired it with chili peppers – decidedly delicious. So, how do you know if chocolate contains milk or other dairy derivatives?

Sweet Surrender: Reading the Labels

It’s about being a discerning customer. Not all dark chocolates are created equal because some sneaky brands might still slip in milk solids or other non-vegan ingredients. People with dairy allergies are already wise to the alternative ways that dairy ingredients can be listed, but if you’re looking here some subtle ingredients (that don’t include the word milk, but are definitely dariy) include:

  • butter

  • butter fat

  • casein or caseinate (eg ammonium caseinate, sodium caseinate, rennet casein)

  • cream

  • curds

  • custard

  • lacto acidophilus

  • lactalbumin

  • lacitol

  • lactose

  • lactoglobulin

  • nougat

  • whey, whey powder, or whey protein

So, Is Chocolate Vegan?

Yes. Chocolate can be vegan and can be delicious. Dark chocolate, in particular, is often a safe bet. But remember to double-check those labels and look for vegan-certified brands if you want to be absolutely sure.

Now, before we wrap up this cocoa quest, let's bring Whole Naturals Castile soap into the mix (pun intended once more). Like chocolate, Castile Soap can be customized and has its own fascinating history and versatility. As it’s made from plant-based oils, it’s a great choice for vegans and eco-conscious consumers.

The Vegan Connection: Whole Naturals Castile Soap

Castile soap embodies the vegan ethos beautifully. It's cruelty-free, palm-oil free and vegan certified. So, while you're savoring your vegan chocolate, why not extend the cruelty-free love to your home cleaning and cleansing routine? Castile soap will be the superstar of your home, without harming your furry friends.

In the grand symphony of life, where chocolates and Castile soap harmoniously coexist, at Whole Naturals, we have found our place in conscious living. Both indulge our senses while respecting our planet and all its inhabitants. We invite you to embrace the vegan chocolate, lather up with Whole Naturals Castile soap, and revel in the sweet serenade of eco-conscious choices.

In the end, the answer to, "Is chocolate vegan? " is not a black-and-white (more like dark and milk chocolate). But armed with your new found knowledge and your discerning eye, it's time to savor your chocolatey delights without compromising your vegan values. Just remember, the journey to find that perfect vegan chocolate bar is like a treasure hunt with a delicious reward at the end.

And while we talk about all things sweet and good, we wish our community that celebrates a Sweet and Happy Jewish New Year.

Be blessed,

alex and yohan founders whole naturals castile soap

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