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castile soap: Organic and pure pet shampoo

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

My Dear Readers,

My family has been wishing, wanting, and pining for a dog. Logically, adding a furry friend to our family is such a fabulous idea. My imagination soars! I can envision long walks in the park, cuddles on the couch, and excited greetings when I'm home from the office. I can totally see my kids at the beach playing fetch - giggling and laughing. And then: reality sets in. Training, cleaning up, feeding, veterinary visits, grooming - and the list goes on.

My offspring's persistence in being responsible is authentic, and now that they're a bit older, they have a better idea of the commitment it takes to bring a dog home. So, for the past few weekends, we have been visiting neighborhood shelters and scouring pet rehoming websites, looking for that dog that will join our family.

We knew we wanted to "rehome" a dog (rather than purchasing from a breeder) and with the power of the internet, we've been introduced to many dogs that will really complement our lifestyle.

Some of the considerations we had to take into account:

  1. We have an allergic child - so a non-shedding dog is non-negotiable

  2. We still have young children - so a dog that is good with kids that will be very physical was a priority

  3. We love the outdoors - we want a dog that loves exercise!

  4. We have "true" winters - we need a hearty dog!

  5. Our home is compact - we need a small to midsize dog so our space doesn't get overwhelmed

While anxiously anticipating our perfect match, we have also begun exploring the necessities we will need to prepare for our furry friends' arrival. We have a groomer and veterinarian in our neighborhood, and have attended their classes called, "How to Prep for a Pet." We're learning about cleaning the dog's teeth, chipping, toys and accessories, bedding, and home grooming.

As a reader of my blog, you will know that our family tries to lead a healthful lifestyle, and we have incorporated many products to support this commitment. Here's what is incredible: Our Whole Naturals Castile Soap can also be used as a dog wash!! We've tried many of the dog shampoo recipes in our e-book with our neighborhood dogs. For "Jake", a Boston Terrier, across the street, his family loves to add NEEM & Coconut to their Castile Soap shampoo and have adapted this recipe for Jake:

Neem and Coconut Dog Wash


1.5 Tbs Whole Naturals Castile Soap

1 Tbs of coconut oil

1 gallon of water

3-5 drops of neem oil


Mix all ingredients and store it in a squeeze bottle. Shake the bottle gently before use.


Did you know: coconut oil is known to cure hot spots, skin inflammations, odor problems, and yeast infections?

Did you know: Neem oil has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties? It may help to remove ticks and fleas!

whole naturals soap company certified organic

As our search continues, I'll keep you posted, and can't wait to show off our dog when we find the best match!


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