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Suds & Sensibility: The Castile Chronicles Turning Your Daily Scrub into a "Soap Opera"

questions about castile soap

Dear Readers and Fellow Castile Soap Enthusiasts,

This week, I'd like to invite you to read some of the questions that came across my desk. I find your inquiries fascinating and love reading your feedback!

I noticed that there is Organic Castor Oil as one of your ingredients. Can you use Whole Naturals Soap if you're pregnant?

This is such a wonderful question!! As a small family business, dedicated to creating our own natural skin care products, the value and importance of keeping our environment clean, and reducing our carbon footprint by using biodegradable, and made with certified organic ingredients is highly important.

When developing our Whole Naturals Pure Liquid Castile Soap, we researched each ingredient for its integrity and compliance to the highest standards. We proudly maintain a strict standard of testing by respected third-party organizations on all ingredients - including being the first Castile Soap Company to be certified Palm-Oil Free by POFCAP. 

We are not medical professionals, and we do not offer medical advice -  so we suggested this customer speak with her maternal physician and give them the entire list of ingredients, so that they can feel safe and confident when using Castile Soap.

Why Does Whole Naturals Castile Soap Need to Be Diluted?

Whole Naturals Castile soap is made from a variety of organically certified carrier oils - including olive oil and jojoba oil, just to name a few. Among the many benefits of Castile soap are its versatility and gentle cleansing properties. We recommended to dilute Castile soap when using it for various purposes because it is highly concentrated in its pure form. There are several reasons for dilution:

  1. Concentration: Castile soap is highly concentrated, and using it at full strength can be too harsh for many applications, especially when it comes into contact with your skin or sensitive surfaces. Diluting it makes it milder and safer to use.

  2. Cost-effective: Diluting Castile soap extends its shelf life and makes it last longer. This can be more cost-effective in the long run as you use less soap to achieve the same cleaning or personal care results.

  3. Customization: Diluting Castile soap allows you to customize the strength for different purposes. You can make a stronger solution for heavy-duty cleaning tasks and a milder one for personal care or delicate surfaces.

  4. Avoiding residue: Using undiluted Castile soap can leave a soapy residue on surfaces or skin. Diluting it properly helps minimize this issue.

  5. Preventing waste: Dilution helps prevent overuse of the soap, which can lead to wastage.

What are the most common dilution ratios?

Because you can customize Castile soap, you can mix it with water in different ratios depending on the intended use. I would say that for many applications, dilution washing on ratios include 1:1 (equal parts water and soap) for hand soap, 1:3 (one part soap to three parts water) for general cleaning, and 1:10 (one part soap to ten parts water) for light cleaning and personal care. We suggest making batches that will last about one month, once you've added water or essential oils to create your favored face wash. 

Can I use this as a soap base to make homemade soaps?

The best type of base for homemade bar soap is a base that includes oils that solidify at room temperature. As our Castile soap's organic carrier oils remain liquids at room temperature, it is would not make a good base for make molded soap. However, Whole Naturals Castile Soap is a wonderful base for creating your own customized and personalized recipes- and adding essential oils are the perfect complement!

Thank you so much for your questions! Keep them coming!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful week - and Happy February!

yohan and ales founders whole naturals castile soap

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