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Spring Decluttering: How to Transform Your Home Responsibly🌿

spring cleaning with castile soap

My Dear Readers and Fellow Cleaning Enthusiasts,

Are you as confused as I am? The calendar says “spring”, the weather says winter. Should I start spring cleaning based on the date, or based on the fresh blooms that I’m patiently anticipating their appearance? In all honesty, waiting for the weather to change is my subtle way of procrastination. While I’ll never turn my home into a Mario Kondo state of organized bliss, each spring, I have a strong urge to declutter every corner of my home. On the other hand, before I arm myself with trash bags, I have made a conscientious decision to try to avoid adding to the landfill. This year, our family has committed to transform, minimize and clean - keeping our environmental responsibility at the forefront.

Does Spring Decluttering Truly Matter?

One person's trash is another person's treasure, right? Each year, we have a neighborhood swap party, where we gather at the end of our block, each family brings a table and displays their gently used clothing, dishes, and even small appliances. That old sweater you haven't worn in years might just become someone else's favorite find. If there’s anything left at the end of the day, we bag it up and donate it to our local thrift store.

castile soap furniture upcycling


It was only recently that I heard the term upcycling. While I like painting and creating, I never gave much thought to taking a worn-out piece of furniture and giving it a facelift. I have had my childhood hardwood bedside-table in our garage for years. Too nostalgic to toss, it was just taking up precious space, until a few weeks ago. I decided to breathe new life into the table, and it actually turned out awesome. I first stripped the old stain, then gave it a good wash-down with Castile Soap. Once it was clean and dry, I decided to give it a paint job with some amazing burgundy-colored paint that we had left over when we painted the offspring’s bedroom. I loved the existing drawer pull, so i didn't change it. Voila, I had a new end table!! I actually was pretty pleased with myself.

Being Mindful

One of my pitfalls is regretting the things I’ve accumulated, whether it’s little souvenirs from trips, or even paperbacks. I notice it each spring, which makes the job harder. Right here, in this blog, I’m going to make a commitment to keep to the motto, “less is more.” I am embarking on the challenge to embrace a more minimalist mindset and declutter with intention. For example, while I love houseplants, I know that too many, are too hard to maintain. I will be mindful and intentional of what I bring into my home. Hopefully preventing future clutter and creating a more sustainable – but equally important – maintainable living space.

For me, I'm trying to challenge myself to declutter, with a side of responsibility. I’m hopeful that I can transform my home into a space that sparks joy, and let the rest go. If you’ve ever started the journey of decluttering and more mindful practices, drop me a line, and let me know your strategies! Where they sustainable and maintainable?

Be blessed!

Yohan and Alex Founders Whole Naturals Castile Soap

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