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Personal Care strategies for Organic Living

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Can Castile Soap include a beauty and personal care routine?

My Dear Reader,

My journey to a more healthful lifestyle started with small steps. It began by eliminating animal protein from my family’s diet and gradually progressing to eating a plant-based lifestyle. But if you’re a frequent reader of my blog, you know some of the challenges we have faced!

Over time, we also began incorporating organic and natural products into our everyday routine. Our strategies for organic living started with a search to find a household cleaner that fulfilled this requirement. Thus, Castile Soap was born. Developing our Castile Soap was an adventure! But we saw the ultimate goal – a way of approaching organic and natural living without putting our family at risk. We knew that our transformation to using organic household cleansers wasn’t just about keeping our countertops and floors clean. It was about keeping our bodies healthy and clean too. So, I’d like to talk about our Castile Soap and how we also incorporate it into our beauty and personal care routine.

Shampoo and Body Wash

As a parent of a child with allergies, and prone to dry skin, the soaps and shampoos we chose had to be full of oils and nourishing ingredients. Because our Whole Naturals Castile soap contains oils such as olive, and jojoba (just to name a few) it is the only body wash and shampoo that we need.

Face Wash

Here on the east coast, we’re living through really hot summer days, and I find that I’m washing dirt, sweat, and grime off my face daily. With the ability to customize Castile Soap for a face wash, my skin is soft and feels super clean. I like adding nourishing oils – my favorite is sweet almond. It’s got a hint of the almond smell, but more importantly, my skin stays hydrated.


Although I would love to grow a great beard, the members of my family are fond of the clean-shaven approach! And that’s one of our most downloaded recipes – Shaving Cream! It may seem hard to believe that our clear liquid can turn into a luxurious foam cream. I love adding a citrus-scented essential oil, to the recipe – it makes me feel super fresh!

Makeup Brushes

When I was writing this blog, my partner reminded me that Castile Soap is a fabulous cleaner for her makeup brushes. Makeup brushes are collectors of dirt, grease, and pore-clogging debris – I had no idea! But it makes sense, something that touches your skin needs to be cleaned regularly to remove buildup. I can’t forget – she also takes a small drop of Castile Soap and olive oil on a cotton pad to use as a makeup remover.

We are very proud of our Castile Soap! Its concentrated solution will last a LONG time! Order a bottle now!

Do you use castile soap at home? Tell us what you use it for!

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