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Honoring those who serve: Veteran's Day 2023

Veteran's DAy 2023

My Dear Readers and Cleaning Enthusiasts,

You know the expression, “time flies”? I can’t believe it’s November already, and we’re already gearing up for the holiday season! Last week, we went to the polls for mayoral races, school and library millages and bonds, city council, and rezoning issues. There were so many local government races that it was hard to keep track! This year, there was quite a bit of mudslinging and negative campaigning among the candidates in my county. While I feel eternally grateful for living in a democratic country, where my vote counts, I must admit that I’m somewhat relieved that the campaigning is over.

I wanted to take a moment to step away from the noise and politics, and instead, focus on the essence of Veteran’s Day, November 11th. It’s a day to commemorate the courage and sacrifice of the men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces. Without commercializing the holiday, I feel that we can celebrate the continued bravery of our heroes, by showing gratitude in tangible and meaningful ways.

Celebrating Bravery and Gratitude through Community Engagement

Expressing gratitude doesn't have to be a grand gesture; sometimes, it's the small, sincere acts that leave a lasting impact. Although we do not have family members who served in the military, our neighborhood participates in a yearly service project for our VA that is in our community. Each year, we organize a care-package packing party to send to troops overseas. This year’s packages were stuffed with recreational activities for the soldiers to do during the downtime. We packed board games, cards, USB drives with music and movies and even some model building kits. In the past, we’ve sent personal care items and even non-perishable snacks. Maybe next year, we'll create some travel size Castile Soap and send them with next year's packages! Our local youth group adds their own personal touches by writing cards, drawing pictures and adding them to the care packages we send. If you want to start this initiative in your community, there's a fabulous group called Blue Star Moms who epitomize the support and caring of veterans and their families.

During our packing party, I encourage our young family members to take the time to engage in conversations with veterans. I like when they can hear first hand their experiences, struggles, and triumphs offer valuable insights into the sacrifices made for the greater good. Every veteran has a unique story, and listening to those narratives can be a powerful way to connect with the human side of their service.

Veteran's Day 2023

By commemorating Veteran's Day 2023 with a moment of silence, we recognize and reflect on the service and sacrifice of all veterans, past and present. It gives us an opportunity to embrace the shared values that unite us as a nation. Regardless of political differences, we can all come together to honor the courage and sacrifice of our veterans. Through acts of gratitude, community engagement, and a genuine appreciation for the stories of service, we can commemorate this day in a meaningful and non-political way. After all, it's about recognizing the individuals who have selflessly dedicated themselves to protecting the freedoms we hold dear.

Be blessed!

Yohan and Alex Founders Whole Naturals Castile Soap

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