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Saluting every Type of Mom on Mother's Day

cleaning for mother's Day with Whole Naturals Castile Soap

My Dear Readers,

Moms are a common denominator for all humans. Some are moms by choice, some related by blood, and others are life-long mentors. When I think of the powerful women I've met over my lifetime, I find myself grouping them by some of their behaviors. Fun categories that give a broad image of who they are! (And by the way, these groups are flexible, and humorous in their own way!) Can you imagine a wonderful woman in your life that fits into any of these categories? In honor of Mother's Day this Sunday, let's salute every type of mom!

Social Mom

Extroverted, and endlessly cheery, the social mom knows the names of all the other moms (and their children). Attentive and a good listener, this mom has a fabulous memory birthdays, anniversaries and can hop in and out of discussions with ease and panache.

Clean Mom

This mom is the envy of all others. No matter what time of day, her house is spotless. She has somehow harnessed the power of the clean fairy to ensure that laundry is always folded, dishes are put away and toys are in their place. This is the mom that would never let her child leave the house unless perfectly matched and coifed. She carries around a bottle of all-purpose Whole Naturals Castile Soap everywhere she goes to ensure that surfaces are sparkling.

Baker Mom

This mom is the first to sign up at bake sales, and each contribution is not only tastier than the last, it’s also a work of art. Somehow the baker mom’s pantry is always full of the necessary ingredients to whip up a last-minute specialty. This mom also has the right carrying gear for cupcakes, cakes and everything in between.

Coffee Mom

Let’s face it, you’ve seen this mom. She’s the one carrying the bottomless well-insulated coffee mug to the playground, PTA meeting, and work. Full of energy, the coffee mom may also be spotted in workout gear!

Paparazzi Mom

Armed with her cell phone (and maybe a camera or two), paparazzi mom is ready, willing and able to snap a picture at every angle. This is the mom who doesn’t let pics sit on the memory card – each picture is quickly uploaded and turned into a coffee-table photo album chronically each year of their offspring’s journey through life.

Helicopter Mom

This loving mom hovers. She pays extremely close attention to her child, often overly consumed with worry about her child's emotional and physical well-being. Sincere in her love, this mom is laser focused and consistently attentive.

Dr. Mom

Although this mom may really be medically trained, Dr. Mom arrives to every function fully equipped with a first aide kit, ready to instantly whip out a bandage and antibiotic ointment. Truly concerned for any playground accidents, every child is in good hands when Dr. Mom is on the scene.

Happy Mother's Day!

I think that I could go on, but you get the point! Have you recognized any of the types of moms from my list? If not, I’ve come up with some other moms descriptors like....

fun, playful, hardworking, director, protector, educator, entertainer, referee, worrier and appeaser. Have I missed any? Please let me know what type of mom you've experienced!

Thank you for allowing me to write my short ode to moms everywhere. For a lifetime, we've been honoring moms - even if we've only been celebrating the hallmark holiday for a 120 years! We salute the efforts of every type of mom.

If you’re celebrating, Happy Mother’s Day!

Alex & Yohan, Founders Whole Naturals Castile Soap

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