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What Does "Going Green" Really Mean?

My Dear Readers,

Going green refers to all of our choices that have an environmental impact and its popularity continues to grow. From electric cars to recycling, the idea is that we should make responsible choices to reduce our impact on our planet.

Why has it gotten so much attention? As a lay person, I can’t tell you definitively that global climate change is real, but what I do know is that we can all do our part to conserve natural resources and reduce waste.

As a small family, we take this responsibility seriously and we have tried to empower our children to believe that we can have an impact, and we are making a difference for generations to come.

What We Can Do at Home

Turn off the lights! The first thing we did was purchase LED bulbs. Although the initial cost was higher than standard bulbs, LED bulbs should last for years – making them a smart investment. And of course, reminding the offspring to turn off the lights when they leave a room (my personal pet peeve).

Drip, drip, drop. While I understand that saving water is important, we were doubly suppressed to learn that low-flow shower heads and toilets are HUGE money savers. We also have been more conscientious about laundry, and with the dryer weather we are committed to letting clothes air-dry, rather than use the dryer.

Reduce. Reuse and recycle. The old adage is alive and well at our home. We have opted to avoid disposable dishes, and our neighborhood as recently begun an initiative about separating organic (food) waste, glasses and paper goods.

Choose Biodegradable Detergents & Cleansers

Opt for detergents - like Whole Naturals Castile Soap without harsh chemicals to prevent harm to waterways and aquatic eco-systems

Great for our Bottom Line

Going green is good for the environment – and great for our bottom line! As soon as we changed out our faucets, our water bill dropped about 12% from the previous month. I had no idea that we were wasting so much water.

With you, my dear reader, I’ve shared our journey to a plant-based lifestyle, and how I feel that we’ve benefitted. Being more aware of greener behaviors will hopefully benefit our planet too!

Be Blessed!

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