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Happy Earth Day!

is whole naturals castile soap environmentally friendly?

My Dear Readers,

Earth Day will be celebrated on April 22, and I am so excited to talk about something that is near and dear to my heart: biodegradable and environmentally conscious soaps.

First of all, let's talk about what it means to be biodegradable. Basically, it means that a substance can be broken down by living organisms and natural processes. In other words, it won't hang around in the environment for centuries, wreaking havoc on the ecosystem. This is a big deal because there are so many products out there that don't break down and just end up piling up in landfills or polluting our oceans.

On the other hand, biodegradable products are made with ingredients that are safe for the environment and break down easily. They're often made with natural, plant-based materials like coconut oil, or olive oil. It means that they won’t contain things like detergents, phosphates, or synthetic fragrances.

Does Soap Usage Have an Impact on Our Planet?

earth day 2023 infographic by whole naturals castile soap

Back to soap. How can something as mundane as soap have an impact on our planet? Simple – because soap is practically universal to our needs – from our personal residences to commercial establishments soap - permeates our daily lives. Using biodegradable soap is important because traditional soaps often contain chemicals that are harmful to aquatic life and can disrupt ecosystems – even our drinking water. When we wash our hands or take a shower with regular soap, those chemicals can end up going down the drain and into our waterways. This can lead to things like algae blooms, fish kills, and all sorts of other nasty stuff.

Now, I know what you're thinking. "But wait, won't using biodegradable soap mean sacrificing quality?" Absolutely not. In fact, there are some really amazing biodegradable soaps out there that work just as well (if not better) than their conventional counterparts. Whole Naturals Castile Soap can be used for everything from washing your hands to doing laundry.

Using biodegradable soap is a simple yet impactful way to do your part for the planet. Whole Naturals is proud to be the first certified Palm Oil Free soap company to be third-party certified palm oil free by POFCAP. Plus, it's an easy way to feel like a total eco-warrior without having to give up things like showers or clean hands (which, let's be real, are both pretty great). It’s better for your skin. Many conventional soaps contain harsh chemicals that can dry out your skin and cause irritation. Whole Naturals Castile Soap, is made with organic plant-based carrier oils, natural and gentle ingredients that won't strip your skin of its natural oils.

Let’s not forget the packaging – if you are choosing plastic packaging, opt for recyclable and recycled packaging, and once you’re finished using it, recycle it or even better – reuse it!! If you've decided to make ONE small step to make a subtle change to your lifestyle, choose Whole Naturals Castile Soap!

Happy Earth Day Earthlings, and Happy Washing!

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