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Can Castile Soap Be Used to Clean Leather couches?

clean leather couches with castile Soap

My Dear Readers and Cleaning Enthusiasts,

Ready for a statistic that may shock you?

The average American will spend at least 2 hours a day parked on their couch, equating to an entire 30 full days per year.

There’s absolutely no judgment in that statement, rather it’s a fact. It’s a lot of time for you and your family to share your sofa with bacteria.

Last year, we were in the market to purchase new couches. With an active family, we needed something durable and easy to maintain, so we opted for beautiful vegan leather couches – made from APPLE Leather. It’s not only a bio-based material, but it’s super durable and UV resistant. It has been a very worthwhile investment and we enjoy it daily!

Finding the right vegan leather sofa for your living room can be a tricky task. Having bought my fair share of vegan leather products over the years (I’ve been vegan for over a decade now!) I know it can be a challenge to find vegan alternatives.

Just like a leather sofa, our vegan leather den set needs regular maintenance too. Other than preventing the accumulation of bacteria, dirt, and oils from skin, pets, and food, regular cleaning of your leather sofa keeps it looking fresh and new. I’d like to share with you our cleaning routine – in fact, it’s easier than you think! Believe it or not, it’s the same process as cleaning traditional leather furniture.

How Often Should You Clean Your Leather Couch?

Leather (and faux leather) has a supple and soft luxurious sheen. Cleaning and caring for your sofa will keep the leather hydrated and look newer for longer. Fabrics (similar to our skin) can age and become weak and damaged if we don’t care for it properly. Regular maintenance and cleaning will improve the durability of the leather helping it last for years to come.

Just like the other soft furnishings in your home, your leather couch should be cleaned as part of your regular cleaning regime. Knowing how often to clean a leather couch can help you incorporate it into your daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning schedule.

I’m a huge fan of quick, daily tidies, which means I do a dry wipe of my sofa nearly every day with a microfiber cloth. If you don’t find that your area accumulates dust, and cleaning happens less frequently, then a quick vacuum with a soft bristle extension will do the trick.

The Natural Way to Clean Leather

What we love about our apple-leather set, and what our friends love about their leather sets is that stains are much easier to remove than from cloth or fabric. If you notice stains from food, wine, ink, or tough dirt, then they should be cleaned more immediately. But for regular cleaning, I’ve found it simple to be done using Whole Naturals Castile Soap.

When I researched the best recipe guide for cleaning our couches, I was surprised to see so many many “how to clean leather couches” guides out there, but many of them suggest using heavy-duty cleaning products. Leather (and faux-leather) couch cleaning doesn’t have to involve harsh chemicals or commercially manufactured products.

In fact, regular household products such as Whole Naturals Castile soap with some water is the best combination! These natural cleaning products work brilliantly at removing grime and grease while being gentle enough to use on your leather couch. Pair these with a quality leather conditioner and you have a great tool kit for cleaning leather couches.

Cleaning Leather with Whole Naturals Castile Soap

It makes sense that you can use Whole Naturals Castile Soap for cleaning your leather couch. Kind to your skin, and gentle on your upholstery, we have a great recipe perfect for this task. With your favorite microfiber cloth, begin by dry-brushing down the couches to remove dust (if you prefer to vacuum, that works too, and use a soft bristle attachment!) Then, onto cleaning. Make a gentle solution of Whole Naturals Castile soap and warm water in a bowl (about a ratio of 1:2) and grab your clean microfiber washcloth. Wet the cloth in the soapy water, ring out the excess water, and start wiping! Start at the top of the couch and gently wipe down every surface of the couch and cushions.

Before you condition the leather, make sure to dry the entire couch with a clean and dry microfiber cloth. Any excess water should be removed before attempting to condition the couch so it doesn’t get trapped under the conditioner.

Once dried, you can condition your leather to keep the fibers moisturized and the leather supple and beautiful. While there are many high-quality conditioners available, if you want to DIY it, then you can make your own natural leather conditioner with coconut oil or beeswax.

What shouldn’t you Use?

Using the wrong products or cleaning techniques on your leather couch could dehydrate the leather or leave permanent marks. Some products to avoid using include:

  • Disposable cleaners

  • Nail polish remover

  • Window cleaner

  • High concentrations of vinegar or lemon juice

  • Hair spray

  • Furniture polish

Let's be honest, furniture is an investment and if you treat it like the prized possession it is, you're ensuring that your posterior stays pampered.

Wishing you a blessed week!!

Alex and Yohan Founders Whole Naturals Castile Soap

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