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Whole naturals® receives organic tilth certification (OTCO)

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Whole Naturals® is proud to announce that we are certificated as "organic" by Oregon Tilth of Corvallis, Oregon.

For nearly 5 decades, Oregon Tilth has been at the forefront of the sustainable production of food, including organic agriculture. The organization helped the US Department of Agriculture form its USDA Natural Organic program. Oregon Tilth has expanded the reach of its education and certification programs to include textiles and other products.

Steps to Certification

When we conceived of creating the Whole Naturals® brand of products, we committed to creating a company that produces family friendly skincare cleansing and household clearning products using the high quality organic ingredients.

How Did Whole Naturals® become certified?

In addition to listing and inspection of individual ingredients, part of the inspection process includes an organic system plan. This is to ensure that the entire facility - from water treatment to the bottle process - is consistent with organic processing.

As part of the yearly certification, we commit to purchase organic ingredients or products only through certified brokers, traders, or distributors.

In addition to Whole Naturals being organic certified by Organic Tilth, we are also proudly certified as the first Palm-Oil Free Soap Company by POFCAP. To learn more about our certifications, we invite you to visit our certification page on our site.

For more information on Oregon Tilth and its organic certification processes, visit

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