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Improve Your Naturally Glowing Skin with these Organic Oils

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Who doesn't want their skin to look glowing? Everyone! Whole Naturals® Castile Soap - perfect for every part of your body!

Our Castile Soap produces a luxurious lather without synthetic preservatives, thickeners, or foaming agents—which is good for the environment & great for your skin - only pure, fully-biodegradable plant oils transformed into soap. Made with Certified Organic Oils

What are Organic Oils?

For an oil to be Certified Organic, the oil must be certified by a third party to be free of conventional pesticides and other byproducts. This implies that the farmers who grew the plants for the oil avoided pesticides or artificial agents.

Why did we choose these special oils in our Whole Naturals Castile Soap?

We carefully selected our unique combination of organic carrier oils that may improve skin tone, and keep your skin supple and hydrated.

When you make the Whole Naturals choice, you are choosing a brand that’s USDA Certified Organic. Our ingredient list contains only organic oils with no preservatives. Shop our Amazon Store for our Castile Soap!

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