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The transition to an organic lifestyle

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

My Dear Readers,

When I think about my family and our desire to lead a healthier lifestyle, I can’t help but remember that our transition was gradual, and we can all honestly say that we didn’t sacrifice much on the journey. For us, it is a continually interesting, and creative experience. We are worrying less about our children with allergies, and we have seen beneficial health changes.

One of the best parts of writing a weekly blog is the ability to share some of our challenges, and the way we had to break this transition down to small steps for it to be manageable and palatable.

When you think organic – you may think food. But did you know that many household purchases that we make aren’t consumables?

When you go shopping for healthful food, chances are good that you pay attention to the

ingredient list. When it comes to textiles and household cleaning products, the same rules apply! This week, I’d like to talk about how paying attention to labeling can affect your decision when opting to make a purchase of Textiles.

Changing how we care for the Earth can start in our clothing closet! Did you know that you can purchase bedding, towels, and clothing made from organic fibers? It’s true, a little digging and label-reading will enlighten the process. Organic, naturally grown fibers include:

1. Linen

2. Wool

3. Hemp

4. Cotton - (grown without pesticides, GMO’s or fertilizers)

Not everyone wants to choose organic textiles. They may be more expensive to purchase or harder to maintain and keep clean. And that’s OK. What I think is equally as important is not contributing to landfills by purchasing “fast-fashion”. When choosing textiles, pay attention to quality, and purchase clothing that is durable and will last longer than a season. Maybe think about spending less by shopping at thrift shops, or hosting clothing swaps...every little step makes a HUGE impact!

If you’re seriously looking for organic clothing and paying attention to labels, then I would first suggest you check out the Global Organic Text Standard, Not all clothing and linen manufacturers register with the GOTS, but if a product bears their certification, then you can be assured that environmentally processes were implemented every step of the way - from the harvesting of the raw materials, quality of the worker’s lives to the manufacturing.

I could talk forever about the importance of choosing household cleaning products – after all – Castile Soap is a versatile, organic, sustainable and biodegradable product that can be used everywhere in your house!

By reading my blog, I hope that you become more thoughtful about your choices. Whether it’s a simple decision to buy produce in season, make healthier food choices, or choose an organic soap, each step we take toward a conscientious and sustainable lifestyle is beneficial.

Founders of Whole Naturals Castile Soap


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