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Seven Reasons You Hate Cleaning The House

Whole Naturals Castile Soap Cleaning Tips

Cleaning our homes is something we need to do, but yet we don't always enjoy it! Are there some tips and strategies to make this chore a bit more palatable? I've put together a list of obstacles that many of my friends feel make cleaning a challenging chore, along with some tips of how to make it more enjoyable!

There are no gold stars for having the entire house pristine all at once.

You can't find the right cleaning supplies for the right job!

If you have to traverse the corners of your home just to find the toilet bowl cleaner, chances are it won't get clean! TIP: Make small batches of Castile Soap in spray bottles and place them under your sink, and in your linen closet. They'll be at your fingertips, ready for duty!

Can Some Tasks be Automated?

When it was time for our family to purchase a new oven, I didn't need any bells and whistles, I wanted an oven with a "self-clean" mode. With memories of caustic cleaners and steel wool, I wanted an oven that would clean itself and it was a worthwhile investment! Although I do not envision a robotic vacuum cleaner in my future, I have begun to put my holiday money aside and purchase a dishwasher in the future. TIP: Foot pedal garbage cans, and touchless water and soap dispensers are simple ways to keep surfaces grime free.

You are Never Finished!

In an ideal world, you would clean the house, and it would stay clean forever. But then you wake up from the fantasy and realize that there are dishes in the sink, unmatched socks and unmade beds.

TIP: Make the goal of cleaning to be safety over sparkle. It's unrealistic to compare your home to anyone else's. As busy people, you have a limited about of time so prioritize chores such as clutter, chaos and dirt, rather than aiming for a photo-ready magazine spread.

I Have Too Much Stuff!

We all know: the less stuff you have, the less time will be spent cleaning and organizing it. I've made it my personal mission to BUY LESS. But that's only step one. Over time, I've started to tackle my basement and guess what - I certainly don't need those college text books anymore! TIP: The first few boxes were very hard to part with. After that, I felt freedom! To minimize adding to landfills, I was able to donate clothing to our local textile recycler.

Not Enough Time!

We all lead robust and busy lives, and often the tasks we detest are at the bottom of the list. But, if we break down the huge cleaning tasks into smaller and more management parts, we may fell less overwhelmed. Tip: If Rome wasn't built in a day, then you can't expect your home to be finished in one either. Break up the chores over a number of days. Build a cleaning schedule. Pick Monday for toilets, Tuesday for counters, etc.

You may be allergic to or can't tolerate the scents of cleaning products

It's not uncommon for the smell of bleach and other harsh chemicals to irritate our environment. Most cleaning products can cause chafing on our hands and may even be harmful to some surfaces. TIP: Use a natural product like Whole Naturals Castile Soap. No artificial chemicals, and naturally unscented, you can customize your experience by adding essential oils.

You Don't Know Where To Start

Starting is more than half the battle. If you have put off cleaning chores, it can seem not only overwhelming, but you may not have the vision to even see the possibility of success. It make sense, if you see a huge mountain, then you may not even see the summit. TIP: Start with something small and manageable. For me, it started with my hall closet. Once that was complete, I was able to plan the next "battle" the shoe box.

Final Words....

Cleaning is a never-ending chore but I can't let it make me miserable. I gave myself permission to feel that it doesn't have to be perfect, and I understand that it does not have to happen all at once. Gradually moving through the cycle of cleaning has helped me find my inner peace. (it was under all the clutter!)

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